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Looking for something different? Marcy Feldman has made custom designed jewelry for over 45 years. Her extensive experience in gemstones, metals and composition allows her to create well-balanced, one of a kind pieces in gold, platinum or sterling. The process starts with your ideas or stones and culminates with our expertise and vision. We always begin with drawings and create a wax model for you to see, and we are happy to give an estimate before beginning any work.

We specialize in:

  • Custom designed engagement rings—don't settle for a catalog piece

  • Refashioning old jewelry into a fabulous new creations

  • Handcrafted birthstone pieces for mothers and grandmothers

"Custom piece! One ring makes four rings which can be worn in numerous ways or individually!"


"One of last week's custom pieces. The customer brought me the loose Emerald and and old ring with diamonds."

"A customer needed a pendant for someone who had worked for him for 33 years. He wanted 33 diamonds in it and needed it ASAP. I checked all my sources and no one had a piece with 33 diamonds. I was able to create the piece in 10 days!"

33 Diamonds.jpg
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